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Each year for the past 4 years, a group of orphaned children from Taiwan was invited to different parts of the US for a once-in-a-lifetime summer camp for 2-3 weeks. The focus of the summer tour is to allow the children to have a chance to experience living with an American family and to have the family-style life. Even with the language barrier, the children had so much fun and had such a blast, by the time they are about to leave their host family, they can understand simple conversation and it is so hard to say goodbye. These children ARE AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION and are WAITING FOR THEIR FOREVER FAMILIES. Their presence here in the United States will help their future transition into their adoptive family's life and to experience the culture. Are you called to host or to sponsor a tour child? Are you being called to be their forever mommy or daddy? Please contact kidstaiwantour@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One More Host Family Needed!

We are still in need of a host family for sweet Marie!

Have you & your family wondered & prayed if there is something in particular
the Lord would have you do this summer?

Would you be willing to open your home for 2 weeks in July 
to love on & minister to the heart of Marie?

Marie currently lives in a Children's Home and shares a room with 3 other children. She is in good health, is cheerful in personality and not afraid of strangers. She is a lovely child & smiles all the time. She gets along well with other children & will appropriately express her own thoughts, but she will not take the initiative to interact with the caregivers. She needs caregivers to show concern so that she will express her views.

Marie prefers Mandarin, likes reading books, playing ball, playing cards & playing on the Wii. She is taking a Japanese class once a week.

For more information on hosting Marie, please contact Sabrina at 

Please help spread the word through FB, our blogs, email, etc!
Let's find a host family for Marie!